You are about to be directed to the SUSI for Secondary Educators application form. Before you start, please read the following information.

Application deadline: November 19th 2021.


Filling out the application form will require time and specific information from you, so please, take the time to gather this information before you start filling out the form. You will be required to:

  • Provide information from your current and previous work positions;
  • List your publications related to the Institute theme;
  • Discuss your professional responsibilities;
  • Write a personal statement up to 250 words on why are you interested in participating in the particular Institute, what you expect to gain, and what will you contribute to the Institute. The personal statement should also address how you leverage the experience to achieve “other potential outcomes” checked in that particular section. In addition, the essay should describe the candidate’s capacity to amplify the impact of the program beyond their research and knowledge.

Please, fill out the application form in English.

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