Devon Newhouse is a PhD Candidate at Brown University studying environmental history of the Portuguese Empire. Her research traces the journey of one particular plant, cashew, that made its way from Brazil to Goa. She will look for the ways that cashew became an important ingredient in the foods Goans ate, the alcohol they consumed, and the medicines they used. She will also look for ways that this tree integrated itself into Goan ecosystems. She looks forward to spending time in the archives in Lisbon as well as connecting with scholars in Portugal who study empire and globalization.


US Student Program – Fulbright / Camões, I.P. Open Study/Research Award

Education: PhD in History, Brown University (2024)

Field of Study: History

Project Title: “Roots Across the Ocean: The Journey of Cashew Through Portuguese Colonial Circuits”

Host Institution, Location: Universidade de Lisboa, Institute of Social Sciences

Grant Duration, Starting Date (month): 8 months, starting in October 2022