Rodrigo Costa is an incoming Counseling Psychology PhD student at the University of Florida (UF). He earned a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology from Birmingham City University and a master’s degree in Clinical Forensic Psychology from the University of Maia. At UF, Rodrigo will join the ¡Chévere! lab, under the supervision of Dr. Roberto Abreu, where he will examine the experiences of marginalized or otherwise stigmatized individuals and communities (women, ethnic minorities, LGBTI+ people), including how they navigate their social environments, how some of them are able to thrive and resist systemic oppression, and how bias and stigma impacts their mental health. With this research, guided by values such as social justice, resilience, and resistance, Rodrigo hopes to inform evidence-based interventions that are intersectional, identity-affirming, person-centered, and strengths-based to improve the mental health of stigmatized individuals and groups, as well as contribute to more inclusive and equitable social environments.

University of Florida: 5 years