Ricardo Miguel Godinho is a Junior Researcher at ICArEHB, University of Algarve, where he currently heads the FCT R&D project ParaFunction and co-coordinates the Osteoarchaeology Laboratory. As a broadly trained anthropologist, he is interested in understanding how we, humans, evolve and adapt to our surrounding environments, both culturally and biologically. In that context he has focused particularly on the evolution of the human skull, combining conventional and virtual anthropology methods. During his 3 months visit to the State University of New York at Buffalo he will examine the extent to which mandible form is impacted by population history and by other factors. To that end, he will collaborate with Prof. Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel to examine the congruence between mandibular morphological variance and neutral evolutionary models.

State University of New York at Buffalo

Grant duration: 3 months