Maria Inês Farrim is a PhD student in Health Sciences at Research Center for Biosciences & Health Technologies, Lusófona University in partnership with Alcalá University. Her research project is focused on the diabetes field, namely in “Targeting β-cell dysfunction as a therapeutic strategy for diabetes: a multi-omics approach focused on α- to β-cell-like transdifferentiation”. As a Visiting Student Researcher at the University of California-Davis under the guidance of Professor Dragan Milenkovic, Maria Inês will have the opportunity to explore existing multi-omics data sets using powerful bioinformatic tools to unveil molecular targets associated with α- to β-cell-like transdifferentiation. In combination with multigenomic data from small molecule polyphenol metabolites studies, it will be investigated the potential of these compounds to modulate the identified targets thus serving as lead molecules for nutraceutical/pharmaceutical development for diabetes treatment.

University of California-Davis

Grant duration: 4 months