Diogo Machado is a science and technology policy expert with ten years of experience spanning academia, policy advice and consulting. In Fall 2023, he will join the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley as a Visiting Research Student with the support of the Fulbright Schuman Fellowship to research the role of transatlantic cooperation in supporting high-risk/high-reward science. Diogo has been on a mission to promote scientific novelty and support governments fostering risk-taking in science funding. In this context, he developed new data science tools for applications in econometrics and economics of science, which he will further enhance during his stay in California. Diogo has experience consulting for governments as part of Technopolis-Group and provided policy advice as an official at the OECD and Bruegel. He worked at the Economics department of INSEAD, visited the University of Toronto and is affiliated with KU Leuven.

University of California-Berkeley

Grant duration: 5 months