Rui obtained his MSc degree in Biological Engineering at University of Minho and his PhD degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering at University of Porto. He is currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Associate Laboratory LSRE-LCM, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto. His research has been focused on the development of carbon-based materials for environmental applications and electrochemical energy conversion – which is the field of the proposed research project. During this 6-month Fulbright Grant in the research group headed by Professor Teresa Bandosz at City College of New York, he will be given the opportunity to develop sustainable carbon-based materials with enhanced properties for two electrochemical reactions that are currently hindering the implementation of unitized regenerative fuel cells, thus improving the feasibility of widespread using hydrogen as energy vector and contributing towards the ongoing energy transition.

Universidade do Porto – City College of New York

Grant duration: 6 months