Gonçalo has studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, Kassel Kunsthochschule in Germany, and the Academy of Art, University in San Francisco, U.S. . His work explores the vibrant energy in silence and stillness and how a penumbra can act as a place of revelation and omission. He believes that the subtle and ambiguous areas of shadow stimulate the imagination and activate visual sensitivity and nostalgia in the viewer. As a graduate student, he intends to complete research in tandem with his studio practice and introduce writing as a complement to the narratives in his paintings. Beyond the production of the work itself, Gonçalo expects to use this opportunity as a path to intellectual and professional growth. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience acquired at the Rhode Island School of Design will provide him with a unique opportunity to establish and nurture connections between art communities in Portugal and the U.S. .

Rhode Island School of Design

Grant duration: 2 years