2018 Fulbright Global Health Innovations Seminar

Atlanta, Georgia, 28 Feb-4 March

It was an amazing experience to participate in this enrichment seminar. The program was very well organized, the topics of the lectures were interesting and diverse, and the speakers always tried to engage the audience and make everyone to participate. The program was mostly based on strategies to reduce inequalities, community resilience and the role of storytelling in human health. Although it is not directly related to my field of study, I really enjoyed to learn more about these topics and we can all contribute to a better community. The organizing committee was always very helpful and tried to mix with the students at social events.
Besides the lectures, we visited the “Health is a Human Right” exhibit at Georgia State University, where we were able to see many pictures and texts about the inequality in health around the world and between ethnicities. We also visited the David J. Sencer Museum at the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), where we saw the exhibitions about public health diseases over the history and had a lecture with some of the employees about their way of action in specific situations. One of my favorite parts was the visit to the Clarkston Campus of Georgia State University, where we had the opportunity to meet five students from refugee families. It was amazing and at the same time touching to listen their stories about how they came to America and how they are fighting to achieve their dreams.
Overall, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people around the world, with different backgrounds and fields of study, but all very passionate for what they do. In this seminar, there were Fulbrighters from 55 different countries and I was honored to represent Portugal along with another colleague. Everyone tried to get to know each other and to make sure we will all keep in touch. This was definitely one of my best experiences in USA.