Sarah Detzer tells us a bit about her work at the Museu Nacional do Azulejo:

” As part of my Fulbright project to study the history and culture of Portuguese tile making I have been volunteering at the Museu Nacional dos Azulejos in Lisbon.

Most of what I do there is the restoring of a tile mural from the 18th century (Dama com Camafeu). This process is extremely time consuming and detail oriented, and gives me extreme respect for all who work in restoration.

Not only is the work satisfying, in that I feel a small part of the history of the tiles now, but also makes me part of the community in the museum and others involved in the network of azulejos here in Lisbon.

I have been invited to numerous sites with amazing tile collections, lectures, events, and discussions that have all enriched my project immensely. My time at the museum has helped me: complete my research, create professional connections for my future, and build friendships, all to which I am forever grateful. ”

Sarah Detzer, US Fulbright Student, has a B.A. in Spanish and Theatre Arts. During AY 2009/2010 conducted research at University of Lisbon and National Tile Museum.