“This March I had the chance to attend the Fulbright Enrichment Seminar in Chicago, Illinois. During these four days more than 140 Fulbrighters representing 57 countries came together to discuss social entrepreneurship. The intense program included panel discussions, workshops, and community service activities at local schools.

The community experience was the most rewarding part of the seminar. We visited LaSalle Language Academy, a school where children start learning a foreign language from 1st grade. We spoke about our countries and the students showed us how using new technologies helps them develop their reading and math skills. One night we had dinner at a home of a local Fulbright family where I had the opportunity to get to know more about the American culture and traditions.

The final seminar day we divided into groups and developed a project in our area of expertise following the social entrepreneurship principles. My public health group came up with an idea to create a company promoting workplace physical activity and healthy diet while using profits to enhance community exercise resources, like playgrounds. I and fellow Fulbrighter from the Dominican Republic were received with applause when we presented the project to the seminar audience!

There were plenty of opportunities to connect and network with other Fulbrighters and time to explore the “windy city”. Chicago was celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day and the Chicago River was dyed bright green!

This seminar was an unforgettable experience and really made me feel privileged of being part of the Fulbright global family!”