“When I was a junior in high school, I found out about Fulbright/EducationUSA’s program that helps Portuguese students apply for college in the U.S.. It had always been a dream of mine to study in the US, especially because of the sports culture they have there. At that time, I was really needing some help with my application, as deadlines were approaching. Not only did Fulbright/EducationUSA help me with the application process, and making sure everything was ready to send to the universities, but also with the process of accepting the decisions and taking care of visas.
I ended up going to the University of Arkansas this past Fall semester (2023). I absolutely love the school, it has a big campus, a lot of good sports events, especially basketball, and has great facilities. Also, as a big gymnastics fan, it was awesome for me to be close to the gymnastics team with so many stars!”

Rita Cerqueira – Participante no Competitive College Club 2022, Aluna da University of Arkansas

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