It was early in the morning on October 1st when I left for one of the greatest adventures of my life. Only when I landed at the airport in Birmingham, Alabama did I realize that what was happening was real. I would spend six months away from my country, outside my comfort zone, away from my family, away from friends: a completely different experience.

Fortunately I was received by my supervisor who promptly showed me the city and useful services in Birmingham. The next day was time to kickstart my journey: get acquainted with the project, meet my new colleagues and the workplace. It was the only beginning.

My Fulbright experience made me grow, not only professionally but also on a personal level. I’ve worked, learned new methodologies, met new people, new ways of thinking, I walked and explored another country, I practiced my English.

It was indeed an unforgettable experience and who knows it might change the course of my life. Also, I would like to acknowledge the Fulbright Commission for this wonderful and fulfilling opportunity.