The ability the Program has to facilitate adaptation to the country, networking with other Fulbrighters from all over the world, is priceless and a once in a lifetime experience.

This past February, I had the opportunity to participate in the Fulbright Enrichment Seminar in Denver, “Democracy in Action U.S. Politics and Elections.” During 4 days of intense work, I had the chance of hearing from specialists on US democracy and how the election process works. This is of special importance, as during my first year in the US, the country is under an election process that will end in November with the nomination of the next President of The United States.

But above all, the social experiences provided were truly enriching. In this seminar, about 60 countries were represented, with 160 participants from every continent in the world. During the seminar we had the opportunity to get to know the Red Rocks Amphitheater, considered the best natural show venue in the world due to its incredible acoustic. Part of the schedule was dedicated to volunteering in a Denver social organization, in my case the Volunteers of America, which is responsible for helping vulnerable individuals in the communities with a place to live and providing meals. Getting to know these people with incredible life stories, and share this moment with other Fulbrighters from different backgrounds back home, was a touching moment.

One of the evenings, we were divided in smaller groups that would have dinner with an American family, so we could experience the American culture in a deeper fashion. I was lucky enough to be assigned to a young couple of entrepreneurs that had travelled the world, and were kind enough to open their house, talk about their country, and curious to know what we had to say about our own home country and experience in the US.

This weekend was remarkable, and is just the proof of how the Fulbright is committed to help and provide us with the best experience on their reach. Friendships all over the world, a better understanding of the country where I will be studying for the next years, a personal enrichment that only a social devoted program would accomplish, and that I am thankful for being part of.