Ao abrigo de uma Bolsa Fulbright para Investigação com o apoio da FCT (21/22) e no âmbito do seu doutoramento em “Biochemistry” da Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Bruno Guerreiro partilha connosco a sua experiência Fulbright até ao momento. O bolseiro encontra-se a desenvolver uma parte da sua pesquisa no ramo da Criobiologia na University of California, Berkeley, CA, EUA.

(Bruno Guerreiro is the third one on the left side)


(Fulbrighter in action)


«I have been working with top notch scientists, but above all, top notch people. Despite them being funded by NASA and having this amazing exclusive technology, I feel right at home, both personally and intellectually. Not just the Rubinsky’s lab, but all of Berkeley makes me feel like I belong. There is no other place to be than California: when any technology is presented to the world, it was here that it happened first. So every day I come into the lab, I feel like I’m living in the future. Right now, my mind and work is focused in the year 2051.»

— — —

Bruno is in Boris Rubinsky’s lab at UC Berkeley studying polymeric systems in isochoric thermodynamics, a pioneering field in cryopreservation. In this picture you can see him holding a cryochamber and a cryocube, both essential pieces in preserving whole organs at sub-zero temperatures, indefinitely. Just last week, Rubinsky’s lab broke an all-time record of preserving a fully viable kidney with a breakthrough increase from 4 hours to 2 full weeks, and built the first heart-on-a-chip, where beating heart tissue was supercooled and revived for the first time. Behind him is the newly set-up biolab unit, which Dr. Rubinsky, being the PI of a Mechanical Engineering lab, has placed his trust in Bruno’s skills to build from scratch.

How great this is, Bruno, thank you for sharing!