Na primeira pessoa, Lígia Coelho partilha connosco a sua experiência Fulbright. Ao abrigo de uma Bolsa Fulbright-Schuman (22/23) e no âmbito da sua pesquisa pós-doutoral em “Astrobiology”, Lígia esteve 9 meses em Cornell University, NY, EUA.


«I had the privilege of being selected as a Fulbright scholar for the Schuman program, standing as the sole Portuguese participant during the 2022-2023 term, and embarking on a transformative journey at Cornell University in the field of Astrobiology. My project involved the creation of biosignature databases, poised to serve as crucial tools in both current and future missions dedicated to the exploration of extraterrestrial life.

Throughout this remarkable experience, Fulbright was an unwavering pillar of support, guiding me through the transition into this new chapter of my life, offering assistance during my time in the United States, and providing invaluable aid as I navigated the post-program phase. The Fulbright community was nothing short of extraordinary, offering a dynamic space where I had the privilege of interacting with exceptional individuals at events throughout the year. This included not only fellow scholars but also leaders in diverse fields such as arts, law, and sciences. These interactions not only enriched my experience but also facilitated the cultivation of meaningful connections and collaborations.

What set Fulbright apart was the creation of a lifelong network that extended far beyond the program itself. The opportunity to engage with leaders and experts in various disciplines not only broadened my perspective but also paved the way for enduring relationships that undoubtedly shaped my personal and professional trajectory. Fulbright was not just a program; it was a vibrant community that fostered growth, connection, and collaboration, making it an invaluable asset in my academic and professional journey.

Lastly, now there is a small community of Eurovision fans in Cornell that I am very proud of, and if you ever visit Cornell don’t be surprised if you find a little ‘Galo de Barcelos’ in the desk of great names of the Astronomy community, including the old office of Carl Sagan.»


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Thank you, Lígia, for being part of this wide and friendly community, welcome back!