Abigail Lindo was a Fulbright U.S. student research grantee, conducting her research in Ethnomusicology with the support of the Azores Regional Government during AY 2022/2023. Abby shares with us the most impactful moment of her Fulbright at Universidade dos Açores.

“I am thankful for the wealth of experiences I was able to have during my Fulbright period in the Azores. While in São Miguel (and a brief period in Terceira), I observed and participated in local music practices and taught courses on sound, language, and heritage in schools and universities while making lasting connections with residents, visitors, and fellow scholars. 

The high point of my tenure was organizing a symposium about music and sound in the region. This one-day conference joined scholars from different fields and local artists to discuss how music shapes cultural engagement and the formation of identity. I was happy to welcome keynote speakers Dr. Rosário Pestana from the University of Aveiro and Dr. Salwa El-Shawan Castelo Branco – a Fulbright alumna – from Nova University in Lisbon. I am grateful for their expertise and for the chance to discuss the changing musical landscape in Portugal among such brilliant individuals.”