Master student, New York University, academic year 2014/2015

This journey to the other side of the Atlantic was a substantial revolution in my life. The time that I spent in New York University School of Law allowed me to grow at an academic, cultural and personal level.

First of all, this LLM in International Legal Studies gave me several intellectual tools. NYU strongly encourages debate and research in not so obvious or trivial legal issues, namely the interconnections between different areas or the symbioses between international and domestic law in a global world. Furthermore, this global analysis has the huge academic benefit of global diversity: students come from more than 60 different countries. As a result, in every issue we could learn different legal and cultural perspectives about our world. Thus, it was a privilege to get to know so many different people with so many different life experiences. 

Moreover, from a personal point of view, to leave my country, family and friends make me a resilient person. Now, every time I face different kinds of challenges, I know how to readjust myself and to overcome it. And most of all, I have friends for life from all corners of the world. Thanks to this unreplaceable experience, I can definitely tell that I am a richer person because now I do not feel simply like a Portuguese, a European or a New Yorker: I expanded all my boundaries and now I am a citizen of the world. I don’t regret a single moment of these ten months in New York City. Therefore, I strongly advise anyone who wants to have this kind of experience to apply to a Fulbright Grant.