“I gained a lot from joining the Competitive College Club, especially in terms of connecting with people who had similar goals. My school was mostly focused on European studies, so I found limited assistance regarding American applications. The CCC proved to be a helpful resource, facilitating connections with fellow students aiming to study in the US and experienced professionals well-versed in the application process. The continuous support, especially from Dorian, was remarkable. He was supportive through the entire journey, continuing to be involved even after our meetings ended and keeping in touch. In addition, the CCC was crucial in changing my mindset, helping me adopt the perspective of an American applicant. Overall, the experience I gained and the support I received from the CCC were invaluable to not only my application but also to my confidence as a Portuguese student applying to such competitive colleges abroad.”

Madalena Carneiro – Participante no Competitive College Club 2022, Aluna do Emerson College

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