Fulbright Student, academic year 2012/2013

The goal of obtaining a Fulbright scholarship had been in my sight for some years, since I first saw a presentation of the Fulbright Commission in Portugal, in my home town University during my Law degree. I was amazed by the program and the support that Fulbright offers to students wanting to continue their studies in the United States.

After being awarded the scholarship, the Fulbright program exceeded all my expectations: it allowed me to study in a top university in the United States, experiencing a world class program in my area of expertise, and gave me the opportunity to visit other parts of the country and engage with fellow Fulbrighters from around the world. 

Whilst in the States, I completed a Masters degree specializing in Law, Science and Technology, where I had the opportunity to study cutting-edge legal issues with top professors and extremely talented colleagues. I was involved with the school and the community as much as possible and that made a huge difference to my experience. Being in Silicon Valley, I benefited from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Bay area, which was one of my goals in going to California. Participating in several extra curricular activities organized by the Fulbright program helped me make countless friends and contacts, that continued after returning home.

After completing my Masters, I worked in Washington D.C. at a consultancy, as part of my traineeship program within the Fulbright scholarship. It was a true privilege to have participated in the Fulbright program and I feel extremely lucky to have spent two years in the US, experiencing the west coast in such a special place as Stanford University; and then gaining working experience in D.C. and learning more about the east coast.