“My stay at the California State University in Stanislaus (http://www.csustan.edu/) this last spring of 2007 has brought me very positive outcomes both at personal and professional levels.

First of all, the process was very well organized and I was warmly welcome with all the privileges of a Fulbright scholar and teacher. Teaching at the university was a significant progress in terms of my teaching and researching career by learning and participating in a new educational environment. Besides of organizing the lessons, the contact with the students and participating in the department meetings, I also had training sessions and conferences on active learning and the use of online platforms to develop the relation teacher and student. The peaceful and natural environment on campus is perfect for someone who is working on a PhD dissertation at the same time.

A part from the professional side of the experience it is also worth mentioning the opportunity to better know California with its magnificent landscapes and national parks, the American culture and history and also the Portuguese immigrant community in Turlock.

It’s my advice to anyone who has the chance to pursue the same fellowship to not hesitate and to be sure that it will be forever memorable.”

Fulbright/California State University, Stanislaus Scholar, AY 2006/07