Program description

EducationUSA Portugal Competitive College Club (CCC) is a program designed to help highly motivated and talented students submit competitive applications to very selective colleges and universities in the U.S. The CCC serves as a cohort advising platform for better preparation for admissions throughout the application process. This includes, explanation of the U.S. education system, tests preparation seminars, essay writing sessions and assignments, a book club, application advising, volunteering opportunities, and much more. While CCC does not guarantee admissions, it is designed to assist self-organized and independent students to improve chances of being admitted to U.S. colleges or universities.

Participation in CCC is free but requires completing the application and passing a simple interview with an EducationUSA adviser. The CCC is open to all eligible students in Portugal regardless of ethnicity and economic background.


To be elegible for admission to the CCC program, students must:

1. Be enrolled at the 11th grade in high school during academic year of 2022/2023.
2. Be interested in studying in the USA as an undergraduate and committed to apply to U.S. universities during the fall 2023.
3. Be an academically strong student with excellent grades from the past two academic years.
4. Write a short essay and pass an interview.


Participants of the CCC will:

1. Attend all planed program sessions according to the predefined syllabus, as well as meetings, events, and activities (online, at the EducationUSA office, or at a partner organization).

2. Be active and responsible CCC members by doing homework, being prepared for book club discussions, writing essays, doing research on given topics, being active on social media and helping peers.

3. Be active members of their communities by participating in community service or volunteering projects for a relevant period of time during the school year.

4. Follow the Code of Conduct.

Application deadline

applications for 2023 are now closed.