Quelvina Fortes was born in Cape Verde, immersed in the rich traditions of a small agricultural community, where she learned valuable lessons from the land itself. Under the loving guidance of her grandmother (Natalina Ramos), mother ( Arlinda Delgado), professors, and friends, Quelvina absorbed the cycles of agricultural life and the values of respect and dignity inherent in each creature. Now, as a PhD student in Sustainable Land Use at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, in collaboration with the Faculty of Science and Technology NOVA, Quelvina is engaged in a research project focused on understanding the dynamics of mountain forest ecology and biodiversity, particularly their disturbances. At Northern Arizona University, her aim is to unravel the complex interplay between climate change, biological disturbances, and forest growth patterns in mountain forests, leveraging dendrochronological data and historical climate records.

Northern Arizona University

Grant duration: 4 months