Joana Reis Pardal is a PhD student in Clinical and Health Services Research at the Center for Health Technology and Services Research & Health Research Network Associated Laboratory, Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto. Specializing in Evidence Synthesis and Health Technology Assessment, Joana’s work focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of Bayesian bias-adjusted meta-analytical models in mitigating biases in meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials. With the unparalleled support of the Fulbright Commission, Joana will join Professor John Ioannidis’s team at the Meta-Research Innovation Center at Stanford University (METRICS). During her visit, she will compare the strategy of bias-adjustment with the conventional approach of restricting meta-analysis to trials with a low risk of bias. By leveraging METRICS expertise in developing and applying cutting-edge methodologies to assess and improve the validity and transparency of scientific research, Joana’s project will contribute to enhancing evidence synthesis practices for more reliable healthcare decision-making.

Stanford University

Grant duration: 4 months