Annarita Gori, PhD from University of Siena, is currently a Research Fellow at Institute of Social Sciences, University of Lisbon. She was a Visiting Scholar at New York University and at Sciences Po, Paris, in 2015 and 2016, and in 2020 she received the FLAD/Brown Visiting Professorship. Her research focuses on right-wing regimes, cultural diplomacy, visual propaganda, political exhibitions, intellectual networks. At the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, Annarita will explore the cultural relationships between Portugal and the United States during the early Cold War era. Specifically, she will analyze how the Estado Novo rebranded its image by emphasizing Christianity, anticommunism, and tranquility to align with the Truman Doctrine values, thereby securing its position amidst the complex context of NATO’s consolidation and the bipolar world order’s emergence. Additionally, researching at the Portuguese-American Ferreira Mendes Archives will allow her to study the reactions and involvement of the Portuguese-American community in this transformative process.

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth

Grant duration: 4 months