Ana Sofia Costa is a Master’s student in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship at the University of Porto, where she also completed her Bachelor’s degree in Informatics and Computer Engineering. As a software engineer at ARMIS, Sofia specializes in integrating AI technologies to streamline and improve business processes. She will be collaborating with the Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard Business School under the mentorship of Professor Jacqueline Lane for her master’s thesis. Her research focuses on using generative AI to refine decision-making in entrepreneurial environments, with the goal of developing analytical tools that evaluate entrepreneurial ideas with precision and impartiality. This effort will promote equity, foster diversity, and support inclusivity in entrepreneurial ventures across different cultural settings. Sofia’s work embodies the fusion of technological innovation with ethical business practices, underscoring her commitment to making a meaningful impact in the tech-driven business world.

Harvard Business School

Grant duration: 4 months