Pedro Monteiro is a master’s student in Rehabilitation and Mental Health at the School of Health, Polytechnic University of Porto, where he graduated in Occupational Therapy and collaborates as an Invited Assistant Professor. His thesis, titled “D(GIS)parities: Geographic disparities in rehabilitation supply and need in Portugal mapped through a geographic information system (GIS) and hotspot analysis” will be partially developed at The Ohio State University, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Division of Occupational Therapy. As a Visiting Student Researcher, he will join the research lab led by Dr. Tiago Jesus. The purpose of the project is to identify supply-need geographic disparities for rehabilitation services. Moreover, it aims to inform data-driven health policy and planning, as well as to build an initial rehabilitation-related, equity-oriented Health Services Research capacity in Portugal, learning from similar cutting-edge research in the USA.

The Ohio State University

Grant duration: 4 months