André Santos is a second-year PhD candidate researching Music Information Retrieval (MIR) and Computational Creativity (CC). His research project focuses on building a computational model of rhythmic compatibility and leverages this knowledge to facilitate the co-creative rhythmic content repurposing of user-tapped rhythms. This includes techniques such as timbre transfer, and rhythmic pattern generation, variation, and interpolation. He will be a Visiting Student Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University under the Fulbright Program, collaborating with accomplished researchers in MIR and CC, while also taking advantage of the extensive faculty expertise in Music Theory, Psychology, and Machine Learning at CMU, given the interdisciplinary nature of his PhD. Incorporating insights from different scientific fields will enrich his research and lead to more innovative outcomes. Overall, this research visit will provide André with a significant opportunity to advance his research and broaden his academic knowledge, while also fostering his personal growth.

Carnegie Mellon University

Grant duration: 7 months