The Core Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program sends 800 U.S. faculty and professionals abroad each year. Grantees can lecture and research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields.


Candidate profile

Category: This award is open to academics and appropriately qualified professionals outside of academia.

Degree requirements: Candidates must have completed a Ph.D., or other terminal degree.

Disciplines: Applications are sought in all appropriate disciplines, but applications in Computer Science are preferred

Specializations: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Differential privacy, Privacy-preserving machine learning

Language proficiency: All activity will be in English; additional language proficiency is not required.


Grant duration and period

Three months, starting dates are flexible: preferred starting month is September 2019, as agreed with the Portuguese host institution.


Grant activity and affiliation

Grant activity: Teaching / Research

Computer science has widely branched out into a number of specialized disciplines. Focused and continuous research in each one of them has allowed a number of important scientific advances. However, it is often challenging to take advantage of the collective accumulated knowledge in a traversal, inter-disciplinary fashion.

In the current technological landscape, it is possible to identify a multi-disciplinary area of research that has swiftly emerged: data science. Naturally, data science greatly depends on machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques and mechanisms but it cannot further develop itself without taking advantage of bleeding edge distributed systems, data visualization techniques or data management systems.

Notwithstanding the effort to have specialists from different disciplines working together, there are still significant gaps of language, understanding and lack of collaboration between software infrastructure developers and machine learning algorithm designers and practitioners.

In the context of this grant, the selected scholar is expected to be an expert in the practical application of machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques for data science. In particular, the selected scholar is expected to give lectures, organize workshops and collaborate in research efforts with the objective of providing insight and training on such topics to practitioners from different backgrounds. The ultimate goal of these activities is to allow experts in areas such as data management and distributed systems to better understand the technological requirements and challenges of data science.

In a coordinated, multi-disciplinary environment the scholar is expected to engage in research activities that provide advancements in data science from a holistic and integrated perspective. To achieve this, the scholar should demonstrate mastery of the domains of machine learning and artificial intelligence from an application point of view and be able to provide training on applied technological workflow. In detail, the scholar is expected to provide training to practitioners in other areas on how to choose, configure, enhance and apply learning techniques to specific problems.

Grant location: Universidade do Minho, Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC-TEC)

Letter of invitation: A letter of invitation is strongly preferred. The invitation letter should describe the grant activity and dates of stay.


Award benefits

Stipend: €8,400.

Travel allowance: €1,100 (for scholar only; includes only flights)

Funding for dependents: €750 for one or two dependents; €1,200 for three or more dependents (must accompany the scholar for at least 80 percent of the grant period).

Health and accidents insurance: Accidents and Sickness Plan for Exchanges (ASPE).

Housing allowance: €750/month (to be provided by the host; host also provides assistance in finding housing).

Other: The host institution will provide computer facilities, internet access and e-mail, office space, access to laboratory facilities, car transportation.

Assistance will be provided by Professor Rui Oliveira, telephone: +351 253 604430 , e-mail:



Applications must be submitted through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program website:

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