The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program sends 800 U.S. faculty and professionals abroad each year. Grantees can research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields.

Over the last decades, Portugal has seen remarkable progress in learning, science and innovation, reflected in the quality of education offered at Portuguese universities. Internationalization and academic mobility are one of the priorities for Portuguese higher education institutions, which are increasingly attractive to a growing number of international students, scholars and researchers.

To learn more about Portuguese Higher Education Institutions and Research Centers, visit Study & Research in Portugal.

The Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States of America and Portugal – Fulbright Commission Portugal strives to be a collaborative and innovative organization and is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion.

We seek to ensure that all our grants, programs and activities reflect the diversity of U.S. and Portuguese societies and are open to people regardless of their ethnicity, sex, age, religion, geographic location, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

We work every day to build a culture of inclusiveness, respect for diversity, and understanding of the many differences that enrich the Fulbright Program.


Candidate Profile

Category: U.S. Scholar Program.

Degree Requirements: Candidates must have completed a Ph.D., or other terminal degree.

Disciplines: Only applications in the following disciplines will be considered:

  • Business
  • Economics

Areas of InterestAreas of specialization include:

  • Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Data Analytics
  • Human Resources Management
  • Organizational Behavior

Language Proficiency: All activity will be in English; additional language proficiency is not required.


Grant Duration and Dates

Grant Duration: Three months.

Grant Dates: Starting dates are flexible. Preferred starting months are April or May 2021, as agreed with the Portuguese host institution.


Award Requirements

Grant Activity: Teaching / Research

Grant activity is flexible, depending on the Scholar’s expertise. However, candidates are expected to work in ongoing research projects and give seminars.

Scholars selected for this Award can choose to:

  • Advise and/or mentor students
  • Assist in faculty, curriculum, and/or program development
  • Conduct a professional and/or artistic project
  • Conduct a research project designated by the host institution
  • Conduct a research project of the applicant’s choosing
  • Teach graduate and/or undergraduate courses designated by the host institution
  • Teach graduate and/or undergraduate courses of the applicant’s choosing

Grant Location: ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL)Business Research Unit (BRU-IUL).

Letter of Invitation: A letter of invitation is optional. Any invitation letter should describe the grant activity and proposed timeline.


Award Benefits

Stipend: The Fulbright Commission offers a one-time payment maintenance allowance of  €8,400 (corresponding to 3 monthly allowances of €2,800);

Travel and Relocation Allowance: The Fulbright Commission offers a one-time payment travel allowance, intended as a contribution to international travel between the U.S.A. and Portugal:

  • Travel allowance of €1,100, for scholar;
  • Travel allowance of €1,100, for each dependent travelling with the scholar (round trip travel receipts are mandatory).

Funding for Dependents: The Fulbright Commission offers additional funding for dependents who stay with the scholar during the entire period of the grant:

  • A monthly maintenance allowance of €250 per dependent;
  • A monthly tuition allowance of €500 per child, when attending a private school (proof of enrollment and monthly receipts are mandatory);
  • A one-time payment allowance of €300 per dependent, to cover for Portuguese language and culture classes (proof of enrollment is mandatory).

Insurance: Accidents and Sickness Program for Exchanges (ASPE).

Housing Allowance: The host institution will provide a monthly housing allowance of €750; host does not provide assistance in finding housing).

Other: The host will provide office space with access to computer, internet, email and phone. Additionally, BRU-IUL provides technical and administrative support to researchers working within the Unit.

To request letters of invitation, candidates should reach out to BRU-IUL research members.

Business Research Unit Contacts:



Number of Grants: One Grant.

ApplicationsApplications must be submitted through the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program website: https://awards.cies.org/content/fulbright-award-management-iscte-iul-business-research-unit-bru-iul-2.

For more information about grants for U.S. Scholars in Portugal, contact Dora Reis Arenga (darenga@fulbright.pt).


Additional Online Resources

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