My Fulbright Experience

A experiência como Bolseiro da Comissão Fulbright constitui um momento-chave para qualquer carreira, pelo intercâmbio cultural, pela contribuição para o curriculum académico, pelos contactos pessoais e profissionais que perduram.

Tiago Santos Pereira

"A significant part of my Fulbright experience has been characterized by the fact of being specifically in Cambridge, Massachusetts. At the beginning, on...

2008 Summer Institutes for Outstanding European Students

Testemunhos e fotografias

Jan Van Dyke

"In 1993, I became the first of five Fulbright professors to be brought into the dance program at the Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa. I was there for three...

Kara Spiller

"The Very Best Part of Conducting Biomedical Engineering Research in Portugal" by Kara Spiller   "As a Fulbrighter to Portugal, I conducted...

Christopher Jones

"Flying into Porto in September, the skies were gray, a portent of the damp days to come. Neither the smoky Sá Carneiro airport, nor my lost bag and...

2009 Summer Institutes for Outstanding European Students

Testemunhos e fotografias

José Pedro Faria

I highly recommend everyone to apply and I can only hope everyone to have as good an experience as I had.

John Huffstot

In the entire history of the U.S. Navy’s ballistic missile submarine fleet only one boat (no, we don’t call them ships) has ever called in to a foreign port...

Adélia Lopes

"I had the opportunity to immerse myself in the American culture and in their educational context which is so different from ours but, at the same time, so...

Pedro Júdice

"O facto de ser bolseiro Fulbright automaticamente abriu-me as portas com a Universidade e facilitou bastante o processo."

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