My Fulbright Experience

A experiência como Bolseiro da Comissão Fulbright constitui um momento-chave para qualquer carreira, pelo intercâmbio cultural, pela contribuição para o curriculum académico, pelos contactos pessoais e profissionais que perduram.

2010 Summer Institutes for Outstanding European Students

Testemunhos e fotografias

Jason Kim

I strongly believe the Fulbright program assisted me to better establish my identity and role as a world citizen

Sarah Detzer

Sarah Detzer tells us a bit about her work at the Museu Nacional do Azulejo:  " As part of my Fulbright project to study the history and culture...

Pedro Bizarro

"Recently, I went to the Fulbright's Seminar in New York. The main goal of these Seminars is to make us aware of social issues like liberty, civil rights,...

Rita Tomás

"This seminar was an unforgettable experience and really made me feel privileged of being part of the Fulbright global family!"

Susan Athey

""So how was Portugal?" That was the question posed by friends, family, and colleagues when I returned to Colorado State University after spending 3 months...

Luís Pinheiro

"A little more than a year has passed since my arrival from the USA. Looking back, I can say it was a tough but also an exciting and very enriching...

Murray Young

"Essential Linkages The 25 April and Vasco da Gama bridges play an important role in both Lisbon and Portugal. They are also a metaphor for my experiences...

Pedro Conceição

«I feel very much a part of the "Fulbright community", of which I will remain a part forever.»

Jeff Bennett

"In 1997, I began developing a Ph.D. dissertation project that focuses on the 1917 apparition phenomenon at Fátima as a means for explicating some of...

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