My Fulbright Experience

A experiência como Bolseiro da Comissão Fulbright constitui um momento-chave para qualquer carreira, pelo intercâmbio cultural, pela contribuição para o curriculum académico, pelos contactos pessoais e profissionais que perduram.

Jorge Saleiro

"the warmth and friendliness of the American professionals made the whole program a very pleasant time. I am glad to say that I made very good friends and...

Sara Pereira da Silva

In May I had the pleasure to attend the Philadelphia Enrichment Seminar as part of my Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program in the United States.  The topic of...

Paulo Vasconcelos

"Toda esta experiência, científica, cultural e social, com certeza vai-me permitir ser um professor mais dedicado, um investigador mais confiante e um...

Ana Bastos

"I think it was a great learning experience in the broadest sense possible, which will (already has) undoubtedly change the course of my life."

Ana Isabel Xavier

2013 SUSI Institute on U.S. National Security Policymaking

Leah Karels

Leah Karels is a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at the University of Lisbon during AY 2012/2013 and she recorded a testimony of her experience as a...

Dhruba Banerjee

As an aspiring physician, I look forward to a time when psychiatric illnesses are respected worldwide as physiological conditions, and those patients are...

Margarida Siopa

We live in a globalized and rapidly industrializing world where dietary patterns are shifting towards a higher intake of highly-processed foods. People are...

My Fulbright Experience - Dennis Gregory

"What a wonderful and awakening experience it was."

My Fulbright Experience - Eleanor Miller

"I can’t express how important this unforgettable experience was for me as a scholar and world citizen."

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